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Welcome & Introducing Million Miler Mom

November 28, 2019millionmilermom

Hi! I am Kristina and I am Million Miler Mom. Back in my previous life (aka…before kids), I co-founded Do It While You’re Young (DIWYY), a travel blog to inspire young women to travel. After a long, successful run, my co-founder and I closed the doors to pursue other endeavors. For me, it was getting married and having children – I am now the proud mom of 2 girls and 1 boy.

While I was blogging for DIWYY, I was also working in Silicon Valley at various tech companies while also traveling 3-4 times per year to exotic destinations. While my career has continued to grow, my travel has changed. I definitely did not stop traveling but our destination list changed drastically…and I started traveling more for my job, both internationally and domestically.

I started Million Miler Mom as I approach this huge milestone in my travel career (should achieve official “million miler” status with Delta Air Lines in 2021 due to 2020 travel being put on hold) but also to help inspire other families to get out there and travel with their kids. My goal is to share advice and ideas for traveling with children but also touch on day-to-day life as a mom and someone who is working outside of the home, too.

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